Seunghyeon Kim

Graduate Student
Seoul National University, BS
Chemical Engineering



Photopolymerization-based signal amplification (PBA) is a promising technology in that it can contribute to development of fast, affordable, and highly sensitive biosensor devices. But we still need to discover what reactions are happening in PBA system and what parameters affect the efficiency of polymerization so that we can optimize the reactions and develop an extremely competitive biosensor. My research focuses on understanding the mechanism behind the PBA through kinetic modeling and spectroscopic experiments. Based on a better insight into the system, I hope to improve the detection limit of PBA-based biosensors from nM to pM and reduce their false negative and false positive errors.


Seunghyeon Kim and Hadley D. Sikes, submitted.

Alan Aguirre-Soto, Kaja Kaastrup, Seunghyeon Kim, Kasite Ugo-Beke, Hadley D. Sikes, submitted.